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DevOps is more of a cultural change coupled with automation techniques, helping organizations to automate and ease the process of deployment, environment set-up, configuration, monitoring, and testing. This ultimately saves a huge amount of time, energy and money for businesses, providing them an opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of technology disruptions.

Spineor provides DevOps-as-a-Service, automating end-to-end software delivery processes and ensuring the scalability and security of large enterprises and startups infrastructure.

We unite your development and operations into a single rapid deployment entity, leverage code to manage your infrastructure and enable transparency, collaboration and cross-functionality of your teams.


  • Continuous software delivery
  • Faster feature Delivery
  • Efficient issue resolution
  • Stable operating environment
  • Increased Release Velocity
  • Reduced Deployment Failures and Rollbacks
  • Reduced Time to Recover upon Failure.

we are familiar with


It is a computer programme that performs operating-system-level virtualization. We can Containerize application in a specific environment.


Ansible is software that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment We define the target deployment environment, consistent and secured deployment.


SOLR is designed for scalability and fault tolerance. SOLR is widely used for enterprise search and analytics use cases and has an active development community and regular releases. We can help you in smart Searching, complex weighting via SOLR Search.


  • postgress petroni cluster
  • bamboo cloud
  • jfrog artifactory pro
  • Nomad Job Auto scaling using elsce/replicator
  • Terraform scripts
  • consul cluster/nomad cluster/ Fabio/ Contiv/ Vault
  • solr-sematext agent
  • sbt image
  • Solr cloud
  • Solr dataimport handler
  • mysqlbinlog-to-solr component

how we make it all happen