Scala made its appearance in 2003 and is an acronym for "Scalable Language". It did not take too long for this programing language to get extremely popular with the developers. The reason: Makers of this progressive programing language aimed at making it a perfect combination of object-oriented and functional language concepts.

We build things on Scala

First appeared in 2003 as part of Typesafe Reactive Platform, Scala became popular multi-paradigm language for the JVM that integrates features of object-oriented and functional programming.

Our Scala dedicated developers use the best practices of both programming paradigms to deliver responsiveness, resilience, elasticity and maximum code reuse and extensibility for tasks ranging from small scripts to complex mission critical server systems. Outsourcing services for projects of any size and complexity including Scala software development, deployment, consulting and testing are available for your short-term and long-term engagements.


  • Online-services
  • Internet-of-things
  • Gaming
  • Financial-services
  • Media
  • Retail

we are familiar with


Our wireframes are different for every project. Why? Because your requirements are bespoke and we want to create the perfect solution for your business. We do, however, follow a set of best practices to ensure that each website we produce is in-line with customer expectations.


Our design team has worked on many projects from new ecommerce ventures to high street retailers. We deliver the perfect mix of creativity and best practice to enable you to achieve your ecommerce goals of increased sales, average order value and customer loyalty.


Our creative design process is based on a number of ecommerce best practice principles. We have a decade of experience designing and developing ecommerce websites. This means we understand the fundamentals of what works and where we can push the boundaries to deliver on creativity.


  • Scalding (by Twitter)
  • Apache Kafka
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Samza
  • Jenkins
  • Tomcat + TomEE
  • IDEA
  • JIRA
  • Gradle

how we make it all happen