REST (Representational State Transfer) is a software architecture style for distributed systems in which components of network computers communicate each other by passing messages. REST has emerged as an API design model which identifies web applications. The RESTful architecture style is developed by W3C standards based on the concepts of HTTP for interacting with resources and representations.

We build a reusable REST API back end.

Spineor implements Modern web applications utilize REST APIs with JSON responses because it’s quicker to integrate REST APIs and it’s faster for applications to parse JSON, which makes our client’s product’s end user experience better.

APIs developed according to our API development process have these features:

  • OAuth2 Authentication/ Authorization
  • XML/ JSON Response
  • WebSocket Ready
  • Stateless Design
  • Standard HTTP codes


  • Scalability of independent components.
  • Easy integration into the web.
  • Identification of URIs (Uniform Resource Interface)
  • Reliability operations.
  • More secured due to transport & message-level mechanisms.
  • Deployment of independent components.



Resources are the fundamental elements of the web platform.While working on REST,the first task is to identify the resources and find out how they are linked with each other.Every resource has a unique identifier on the web platform,which is known as the universal resources identifier(URI)and the best example on the Web is a uniform resource locator(URL).


Verb is an HTTP action like POST,GET PUT,DELETE,OPTIONS,etc

These verbs are-
  • GET:retrieve an existing resource
  • POST:create a new entry of resource
  • PUT:modify an existing resource
  • DELETE:remove an existing resource


The third and final wheel is about determining a way to showcase these resources to clients.REST supports all formats without any restrictions;so you can use any format for representing the resources.Based on the client's and server's ability to work with the formats,you can go with JSON,XML,or any other format.


  • MySQL/Postgresqldb
  • MongoDB,Couchbase, cassander Decument DB
  • ArangoDB, Orient DB, Graph DB
  • SockJS, STOME, Socketio websockets
  • Pure RESTful or DTO DESING
  • Ansible Deployed
  • Oauthq, JWT Security

how we make it all happen